Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boys "Doll" house Re-do

So Im just now noticing I never posted the "doll" house I had my sister paint for the boys for Christmas!!! Ekkkkkkkk ok here it goes!
We had ALOT of star wars guys! I mean ALOOOTTTT so I wanted somewhere to "house" them.. A local mom posted this Barbie house for around $40, I think I even talked her down to $35..
I had my Sister who is a awesome artist paint each floor a different theme! She did a amazing job!!!!!!!

This is how the House Started!

Super excited to get his Star Wars House for Christmas!

each floor has a theme and even the sides are painted

The drawers below are perfect to house all the guys! and the ships fit nicely in the shelves
6 months later and still holding strong as the most played with item we own, it now houses legos
in addition to Star Wars toys!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Star Wars Party

So anyone that know my kids know they are HUGE Star Wars fans!
This year Nu (Camden) turned 5, and Nug (Brody) turned 3, we decided since their Birthdays are only 2 weeks apart to do a joint party!!!! Yayyyy for Mommy, because in case you forgot we did a HUGE Train party last year
& a  HUGE Firetruck party
So when we decided on Star Wars, something both boys are totally into I went into Jedi, Padawan, lightsaber mode.

We had a friend make up our invites
Some secret Jedi information has been erased to protect their location ;) 

We knew we were going to to a house party (save on rental fees) And I knew I wanted something BIG that you don't normally see at parties but that would leave lasting memories. We decided on a Photo Booth and used It was great because they customized the bottom of the strips for the party!

Every person who took their picture was able to bring home their strip, since is was a daytime party there was a matinĂ©e price but we did add a photo album option, with all the pictures from the day, which everyone signed and will serve as a great memory of the party for the boys. 

The Birthday Boys Shirts were made by the incredibly talented Alison, at Once Upon A Story I have been ordering their party shirt from her for years now and I'm always amazing at what she creates!
Check out her shop for all she has to offer! 

When we first started the planning process Cams request was to have Darth Vader come, "wellll offf courrseee Buddyyy" (panic panic panic).. Butttt in comes, they are a organization of enthusiasts operating on the love of all thing Star Wars, and the desire to help others. There is no fee required and you provide date requested, and party details and members are able to sign up to attend events and parties. We knew we wanted to donate in their honor as a thank you for attending our little Jedis party but we were not quite sure where to send the $. Gary, who is close "friends" with a storm trooper, is also aligned with Give Kids the World as his charity he supports (it says so on cool trading cards the kids received) he was able to send our donation on behalf of the 501. We received a letter this week stating our donation would help to send children with terminal illness, and other conditions, enjoy time at the Give Kids the World Village. 

The Birthday boys even received gifts, from the Dark side

Birthday Boy was so happy Darth came to his party!

The kids were able to take pictures and enjoy before they had to get back to the Death Star (and the rain came)

While Big Brother requested Darth Vader, Little Bros request was the Ice Cream
Man. Our local Ice Cream Man actually has a party package and was able to
drive into the driveway so all the kids could pick out a treat and stay safe (and dry
since the rain had started)
At the entrance to the house each child received either a Jedi robe, Leia robe or Vader cape, and there was Leia buns and Yoda ears to complete the outfits.

My sister was able to photo shop some posters we hung around the house as decorations.

Death Star Cake

and cupcakes

I painted pieces of wood and Modge-podged cut up comic book pictures to make the food labels.

Using the William and Sonoma molds found HERE

part of the table (I didn't get a complete set up picture) the food included Hoth Dogs, Star fighter Sandwiches, Jabba Jigglers, Wookie Cookies, Yoda Soda,  Ewokkoies, Leia Buns, Naboo Nuggets, Vader Taters & Obi-Won Kabob-ies

Target had these inflatable lightsabers on clearance for less than $2, we wrote
Yoda quotes on each.

I also grabbed these from Target during Halloween time knowing the party
theme for next March.

I downloaded the Star Wars font and bought a Vader mold on Amazon and made
these dark side treats for the goodie bags. 

Using Dollar Store noodles cut in half we set up a "Build
your own Lightsaber station" We had several different types
of tape and even a "Guide to Lightsabers" book for reference. 

Star Wars Party was a success!

Some photos taken by my lovely cousin Ashley
T shirts made by Alison at Once Upon A Story
Invites made by friends Kara & Quinn H
Cupcakes and cake made by

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines - Star Wars Style

So Its my sons first Valentines in school as a big Pre-K kid. I knew he wanted a Star Wars themed Valentines. We bought a box of the school card ones at Target but I wanted something a little more personalized. So off to the backyard for a photo shoot we went. This also doubled as a shoot for his Birthday Party invites which I will share closer to the date. 
Its very easy to
1. Get in in Jedi gear
2. Have him pose as a Jedi
3. Act like anything that has to do with Star Wars. 

I also knew I wanted a non-candy aspect to the bag (Although he did want his school friends to get some smarties).

Taa Daa- Jedi Camden

The Glow sticks come 5 to a pack at Dollar store and with a coupon I only paid $6 for over 20 prints.

We also grabbed a 20 pack of bags and 2 packs of smarties at this Dollar Store.
Very affordable, and cute Valentines for my little Jedi's first school Valentines party.